Shot in Japan, Osaka


Hi, I am Louis, an experienced photographer from Hong Kong. With almost 10 years of commercial and professional experience, I am trained to maneuver different types of photography styles, including interior, fashion, portrait, landscape, food, product, etc.

My enthusiasm towards photography comes naturally and is deepened during the years of my Multimedia Studies which I was instilled with theories, skills and the usage of different retouching software.

After graduation, I entered a photography studio where I began to harness my skills and creativity on a commercial level, like lighting techniques, product & scene-setting, photo touch-up and many more. From junior to senior, I started to have more opportunities to expose myself to various clients and advertising jobs. All these experiences accumulated has pushed me towards professionalism.

Now I am wading into a new chapter with my own brand Heyhayfoto. I focus on providing stylish and professional photography services, including pre-production, a wide category of photo shootings, photographic consultation, and post-production. Heyhayfoto has worked with Airbnb, Hair Recipe, La Parole, Charlotte Tilbury, Only Minerals, Marrier, Ideasfromlife, Woo Living and many more brands.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for business enquiry. I am set to deliver the best capture for you to tell your brand story.